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New & Restoration of Wood 1

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Repair

A1 Friends Construction understands the investment that goes into hardwood floors and are dedicated to restoring the look and value of your floor with refinishing and repair services.  Skilled technicians can repair or replace floor panels that are broken or damaged and restore or refinish worn out looking floors to bring out their original color.

Hardwood floor repair services generally include:

•    Precision Repair: Repair of scratches, dents, nicks, watermarks, stains, and other minor surface damage.
•    Panel Repair/ Replacement: Floor panels that are broken, gouged, or cracked are repaired or replaced.
•    Restoration/ Refinishing: Restoration of original color and reduction of wear and tear with new factory finish.

New & Restoration of Wood 2

Hardwood floors are a great addition to any house because of the beauty and value they add and hiring professionals for hardwood floor repair and refinishing services will keep your floor maintained and in top shape.  Hardwood floor refinishing and restoration services will help protect your floor and bring back its original color and character.

Our Contractor Services include:​

  • Hardwood Floors Sanding/Finishing
  • Hardwood Floors Restoration
  • Hardwood Floors Installation
  • Custom Wood Floor Stain Colors
  • Water and Fire Damage Evaluations and Remediation
  • Wood Floor Recoating
  • Wood Floors Consultation at Reasonable Rates
  • Wood Floors Insurance Claims
  • Wood Flooring Dry Out
  • Wood Floors Heater Patch and Termite Repair
  • Strip, Plank, Parquet, Solid and Engineered Floor Work
  • Touchups

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